Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mauritius Fun

In the Botanical Gardens. They have a thing on cameras where you don't have to press the button yourself!

Maggie photos traditional Mauritiun cuisine.

This is the guy from Silence Of The Lambs. He was hanging out at the Crocodile Musuem.

They had LFC TV in the room. This was a documentary about El Nino. Look how similar we are facially.

The street art graf scene in Mauritius is so cool. I'm just totally chilling here in the style of a B-Boy from the Bronx in 1979.

This was the Captain. He gave us a guided tour of the island. It was like being pleasantly kidnapped.

Kept this rock from the Indian Ocean because it looks like a skull.

Muldoon lion impression outside hotel.

Mauritiun crocodile steak in the jungle. Soon this will be a review at

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