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some kids made this

"ha ha" (lame)

Poison Idea Lyrics

Plastic Bomb Lyrics

The lie is so real, I almost believe it
Conceit flows like sewage
How could you conceive it?
Shake my hand, look me in the eye
Smile and think of ways I'll die

Plastic bomb, plastic smile
Fake commitment, blood soaked style
Wrapped in a fur, trapped in a cancer
The swansong's over for the littlest dancer

Mistrust so explosive, apathetic corrosive
When I ask for it straight up
False face is compulsive
Try to stand tall, falling face down
Big fish, Small town, Small fish, Ghost town

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Some people out there are saying Vice is selling out to become a mainstream media company run by rich white guys. That’s fucking bullshit. There’s no way Suroosh would change to please anybody.

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totally in love with the girl who's yelling.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

mm by rayner

(to the tune of dirty old town)

Maggie Muldooooon, Maggie Muldooooon

sian alice group

Guidelines for stealth walking

1. Maintain balance control by allowing your body weight to sink and be carried by deeply flexed knees.

2. Remember to breathe along with your movement. Unconsciously holding your breath can unknowingly produce unneeded muscle tension, and could result in gasping release of breathe if you are startled or accidentally unbalanced.