Thursday, December 02, 2010

Random phone photos

Early hours Dec 2 snowblind

I touched Torres' shirt in the dressing room

Mike Haliechuk drinks prosecco with a fresh strawberry in it

Charles Taylor on trial at The Hague

John Sturrock on the meeting room 3 wall

Tommo's birthday at the Chris Penn Suite

Robbo's wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple x

Hand set on fire during rendition of YNWA at Wolfboy's birthday dinner which he wasn't at. Photo by Florence & The Camera Machine.

Ted and James from

Dr Guislain Museum in Ghent. Thanks Dwid.

Return to Kolocep Summer 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Phone Camera Photos from 2010 so far

Gee’s work station at Dial House.

On morning patrol with 2 Para, STANTA.

CSN at the Royal Albert Hall.

Hairless unhappy cat in Florida pet-supermarket.

Country fried steak and eggs at Mel’s diner Florida.

Shooting Amanda Harrington with Leo for Liverpool doc.

Shooting Art Hammer and Vince with Alex for Mandingo doc.

Florida hire car. Crap Chrysler, also used in the crap Ethan Hawke vampire movie.

Liverpool hire car. £85,000 Land Rover. Was amazing.

View from a tower in Liverpool.

Dan and Hannah aka Sid and Nancy

The A-List.

Dwid meets Eugene Robinson at the OBL.

My new G.P is quite generous with painkillers.

This brought back memories of hanging out with Piers Martin circa 2001.

Process ring kindly gold-plated by Dominic Jones.

Andy Fraser is made to see that Swansea Love Story was on the front page of CNN.

This pre-cursed the EHG show / after party which seemed to go on for about a week.

This was quite late at Benthal with Deano

The £250 walking stick.

Friday, June 04, 2010